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World Emoji Day

💩 Background:

If there’s one thing the pandemic taught us, it’s that we are very social beings and not being able to see each other, pushed us to social media to experience everyday interactions once more. Emojis were created to allow us to express our emotions, to say how we truly feel better than words ever could. On world Emoji Day we decided to celebrate our universal language of feeling with a special hidden message of hope from us to the world.





🤯 Idea:

Our big idea was to simply transform an infamous internet holiday into the most engaging brain teaser ever, with a heartwarming twist coded into it. Our opportunity came at a time when Kenyans much like the rest of the world were stuck indoors, spending most of their time on social media. To vent, to cry, to cry while laughing, laugh while pooping. An emotional roller coaster at the very least. All the while trying to make the best of a bad situation At ABSA we believe in helping you find ways to get things done even when it’s a simple as helping you feel alive again So when World Emoji day came around we saw the perfect opportunity To take a completely fictional internet holiday and give people a reason to smile One cipher, One riddle, Ksh. 100,000. A simple challenge to lift Kenyans spirits in this time of COVID. And for those with an eye for patterns, we will have a special reward for them.

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